Engineer - Substation Engineering

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
Review substation documentation of existing facilities. Perform site visits to verify and confirm existing conditions as required. Develop preliminary substation project descriptions. Assist in developing equipment specifications and standards as required. Actively assist in developing preliminary project schedules and processing regular project schedule updates for tasks within specific substation requirements. Perform or review rigid Bus design analysis and calculations. Develop, update and issue for updating one line (single line) substation diagrams. Develop, update and issue for updating Power one line diagram. Perform or review site grounding requirements and changes. Conduit or trench layout. Planning, Zoning and Building permit filings support role. Develop, update and issue project specific substation Bill of materials and maintain team's Master Material Access Database. AC and DC system design, analysis and modifications. Project team support role related to Outage planning, document and notification. Develop, update and issue Lightning protection and shield design plans and sections. Develop, update and issue Lighting design plan and layout. SKILLS:
Candidates MUST have the following experience/skills:
Minimum of 5 years of substation engineering and design work associated with utility distribution or transmission systems (Substation design, operation or maintenance experience). Experience actually performing engineering tasks and duties, not just overseeing the project or managing the project. B.S. in EE experience, good written and oral communication skills. Working knowledge of MS Office software; Word, Excel, Access. Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE) (Power emphasis preferred).

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